The Butterfly Conservatory in Costa Rica

For anyone who is passionate about butterflies, the Butterfly Conservatory from Costa Rica is a place that must be visited. It was created by Glenn Baines, an American engineer who understood the importance of preserving the beauty of the rainforest.

After a trip in Costa Rica, he moved there and bought 13 acres of land located close to what was left of a rainforest. A big part of the forest was cut years back, which caused many species of plants and animals to disappear. With hard work and support from the locals, his center became one of the best learning centers for butterfly and nature regeneration in the country.

In the butterfly conservatory, the visitors have the chance to see species of insects, frogs, and plants that are not present anywhere else on the planet. The center holds hundreds of species of butterflies, and the staff is constantly trying to improve their habitat.

Apart from this, the center has another important mission: to teach the locals what they have to do to preserve and restore the rainforest. Many of the locals are not aware of how much the rainforest has been damaged or how many animals that live there were affected.

The center has a program for volunteers, and in this way anyone can help. In the last years more and more students have visited and worked together with the staff to keep the area clean. Even more, there are also intern programs that give anyone the opportunity to become an expert butterfly farmer.

Anyone can stay in the center for a month or more, observe the nature around and learn how to protect and help the animals of the rainforest.

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