Can we recognize the signs of our cats illness ?

Cats are known for hiding the hurt and pain. Even when they are in pain or have any kind of problem, they will try to pretend like everything is fine.

What you need to do is to observe your cat, and see if there is any change in her behavior. In case you notice something, react as quickly as you can.

Here are some signs of potential illness:

- If she is more phlegmatic than usual, or if she doesn't want to play like she does every day, you should consult with a vet. Sometimes it may be something totally harmless, she may have mood swings, nothing special.

But if she stops licking her fur or spends few days in a row just lying, do something fast.

- Vomiting is also an emergency alert. Not always, of course, because sometimes they will do that because they have to get rid of their hairball, but if she does it, as soon as she eats, something definitely is going on.

If she throws up for few days or hours constantly, call your vet.

- Diarrhea sometimes occurs if she ate something bad, doesn't have to be a disease, she maybe didn't digest the food very well.

On the other hand, she might have intestinal parasites, so you need to check her stomach if its swollen, that may be the reason. And after she finishes with the toilet, see if you can see the parasites in the litter box.

They are usually white and long, something like a smaller version of spaghetti. 


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