Cat and their breeds

From ancient times cats were domesticated between humans. In forests also wild varieties of cats are found. In nineteenth century first breed of the cat was developed .now a days we can find over the three hundred breeds and varieties of the cats. Although some of varieties of the cats are rarely find in appearance. The main distinguishing characteristics are the different head shapes and sizes. The length of the hair also one of the distinguishing character as the different breeds having the different fur.

We are able to broadly differentiate cats under mainly two categories only one is pedigree and another one is non-pedigree. Among the pedigree cats , we can categorized them under the two more categories as long hair pedigree cat and short hair pedigree cat. The chocolate point, red long hair, brown classic tabby maine coon, lilac angora are the examples of the pedigree cat with long hairs .The blue exotic, foreign lilac oriental, cream point color pointed British ,usual Abyssinian ,red classic tabby manx, red and white Japanese bobtail are the examples of the pedigree cats with short hair. And  tortoiseshell and white short hair, blue longhair, brown spotted shorthair, blue and cream shorthair are the examples of non pedigree cats.

Now a days we might have seen that the different breeds of cats are adopted by the families as their pets. This might be because of the cuteness and adorableness of the cats which attracts the many people and the small kids were like to love them and play with them.


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