Cat is honorary president of South Hampton U. Student Union

A cat has been moving around the South Hampton University for more than 10 years. The cat has been named SUSU and was recently elected as the president of the Student Union. The cat won by 86 votes. The students claim that the presence of SUSU has lowered the stress level of the students at the University. Bringing change, security and stability were the ultimate requirements of the president-elect of the Student Union. The voters and most of the students were very satisfied that the cat was fulfilling its responsibilities absolutely.

Operational activities of the students and university grants contribute to the finances of the Student Union. The main aim of SUSU was to support all the social activities of the students. All the students were very satisfied with SUSU so they decided to elect it as the president of the Student Union. After the election, SUSU proved that all the students were right in their selection. SUSU is a part of all the student activities, especially in the social aspects.

After SUSU was named president, a marked improvement was seen in the grooming of the students and the calmness of the social gatherings. Students’ rooms were neater, gathering places were cleaner and students seemed to have more pride in their surroundings and themselves. It was remarked that the students were more focused on achieving success in all fields of study including physical fitness and health.  

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