Cats and allergies

You may don’t know but our pets can have allergies, just like we do. The difference between cats and us is that it’s not manifested in the same way, so you need to make sure you learn everything about allergies in order for you to help them.

Since cats can be allergic to some food, we have to let you know that if they are, they will probably have problems with their skin and dermatitis.
Once you see that your cat is scratching, you need to observe her just to see how often it is. If she’s scratching her neck or face or if you see that she has scabs on her skin, then she may be allergic to something.

Cats also tend to lose a lot of their fur when they are allergic to some food, and often their owners don’t know if it’s because of the stress she feels or something else.
It doesn’t have to mean that your cat is allergic to food, because allergies are pretty complicated and confusing. Food allergies do not manifest so easily. Sometimes it takes years to notice that and figure out what’s going on.

And that’s why your cat may be eating the food she’s allergic to for so many years, until she has the symptoms.
When it comes to age it doesn’t matter. Your kitten may have it, and also the old cat, but usually it’s between second and sixth year.
Eggs, pork, beef, sea food, corn, dairy products, chicken, soy and wheat are the ones causing allergies, so make sure you consult your vet before you give any of these things to your cat.



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