Cats Have Been A Part Of Our Families Since They Were Worshipped By The Egyptians

Cats have found an important place in the family hearth besides the fireplace in almost every household around the world. The trend dates back to the Egyptian era when cats were revered and worshiped as a god.

Cats are believed to have superb skills in catching their prey with powers like superior eyesight coupled  the ability to smell and taste food in a better manner than any other mammal. These qualities make it easier for cats to sneak in upon their preys and eat them.

A typical day in a cat's life includes about 18 hours of sleep. A cat hunts for food in most of the time it spends with its eyes open. Wild cats are known to like solitude, while domestic cats enjoy the attention showered upon them by humans, and even by other animals like dogs.

A cat's paws have soft pads to enable them to move around smoothly, quickly and silently. Climbing trees seems to be a passion with cats, and the sharp claws on its paws help it to it. The sharp claws also help it to hold on to its prey in a firm manner. These claws can be retracted into the paws when not needed. This helps in maintaining them in good shape.

A cat's jaws are equipped with excellent set of teeth, which allow them to bite into their food and even tear it apart. The pair of teeth at the front of a cat's mouth are designed to tear meat into pieces. Their tongues are designed in such a manner to retrieve any meat left over on bones.

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