Cats makes the perfect pet

Some assume a dog is the ideal family pet, but cats cat be a better fit, especially for busy families. Here we have few of the Reasons Why a Cat Can Be the Perfect Pet for a Family:

They are easy to take care: Unlike dogs, cats usually groom themselves. They don't require walks and do their business in an easily scoop able litter box. This makes cat care pretty easy for families with busy schedules.

Can be left alone: Although cats shouldn't be left alone for an extended period of time, they likely won't have any unmet needs if their humans are gone for several hours. This is helpful for families who find them running around for kids' lessons, games and activities.

Pest hunters: Cats have incredibly sensitive hearing, even while sleeping, which helps them rid your home of mice and other pests.
Neat & clean: Cats spend one-third of their waking hours grooming themselves.

Easy to please: Cats are happy living indoors, whether watching out the window or napping in your lap.
Playful and Agile: Cats love to play. They are quite acrobatic too -- especially when you take out a toy fishing pole or a cat dancer toy. They will leap, run, and pounce on the toy, which is great fun to watch.

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