Cats that are All Time Famous in Animation

In animation many famous cat characters are present,here we will tell you some interesting and amazing facts about cats heroes of the world.

Duchess,is an elegant Persian cat that was created by Walt Disney in 1970s.she is loved by all children.

A fat funny yellow cat was created by Jim Davis in 1970s many cartoon movies have been shown under his belt,this cartoon character is all time famous from 70s till now.

Our next heroic character is felix,he began his career as a movie star later a famous character of games that are loved and played by children.Our felix the cat cat hs honour of first talkie cartoon.
Fritz the cat is a super star of an animated movie,this character was created by Robert Crumb.

All time funny cartoon character is Sylvester,he was for the first time presented by Warner Brothers and gained popularity from 1945 till now.

Bob Martwick is a professional animal trainer who is famous for rescuing a cat from Chicago animal shelter.This cat is a fourteen pound fluffy orange colored cat . Morris lived with Bob in a Chicago dog kennel where there was never any question who was top cat.


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