Does Your Cat Drink Enough Water ?

Some people think that water is not important for their cats, because they don’t usually drink it is as much as they should. Of course you will not see your cat drinking water all the time, because let’s face it, it is not something they adore, but it is definitely something they need.
Every cat is different and has different needs, it depends from the age and their diet, but in case your cat does not consume enough water, these are the signs that will show you that your cat is maybe dehydrated.
If you give your cat only dry food, then your cat will have a greater desire for water, but if you give her wet food there is a chance she will not drink water at all, because wet food has almost 75 percent of water, while the dry one has only 10.
Elastic skin is one of the first indicators that will show you if your cat is ok or not. You should gently pull the skin under your cat’s neck just to see if the skin will return to the initial place. If it returns it means that your cats is healthy and drinks enough water, but if it doesn’t then you have a problem.
If your cat has a shiny coat and is in a mood to play, it means that everything is perfectly fine. Also, check the litter box, and if you see that your cat urinated at least two times a day that means that she has enough water in her organism.



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