Food you cannot give to your cat

Nutrition is really important when it comes to your pet, doesn’t matter if it’s your dog or a cat, you need to know what is good for them, and what isn’t.

Cats love to eat, and if you ask them, they are constantly hungry, so just because she wants to eat something you cooked, that doesn’t mean it is good for her.
Raw fish is something you shouldn’t give to your cat. People can eat it, but not cats. It can cause problems with their stomach, and even cause neurological problems.
Onion, garlic – BIG no. Cats are very sensitive to this food, because it contains a substance that can cause damage to their red blood cells.

Every amount of it is bad for them, even the smallest one. Make sure if you give them your food or food from your children that it doesn’t contain garlic or onion. Dogs are sensitive to this, cat especially, so be careful.
Raw eggs – very bad idea. If you want to give them eggs, boil them, but giving them raw is very dangerous, because they can get salmonella. If they get it, it can cause serious health problems, and you don’t want that to happen.

Even though you think that this is not accurate, milk is not something your cat should consume. When they are kittens, until they are 6 months, it is ok for them to drink it, but when they become adults it is completely unnecessary.

It can cause diarrhea and some stomach problems. Potatoes and tomatoes are also very bad for them, and that is something you mustn’t give them.
They can cause diarrhea, vomiting, depression and even a heart attack.



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