In addition to the cat videos on YouTube, there are several fun facts about cats that you still don’t know about. For instance, unlike humans cats are able to drink salty water for their survival. In addition to getting their water intake from food a cat’s kidney is known to rehydrate a cat’s body by consuming salt water in an event that a cat’s water intake is inadequate. The cat’s kidney is able to expel the salt from the salty water while allowing the cat to be re-hydrated. If you thought that was interesting here are some other fun facts about cats:
• A cat is capable of jumping seven times its own height.
• While dogs have only ten vocal sounds cats are known to have over 100.
• Cats do not have sweat glands
• Kindle is a pack of small cats or kittens if you like and a pack of cats which are adults is called a clowder.
• Cats have the ability to run for almost 12 miles per hour.
• Cats are able to sprint at nearly thirty miles per hour.
• A cat’s body is extremely flexible and its skeleton contains over 230 bones. A cat’s pelvis, as well as shoulders, is usually attached to the spine loosely. This aspect makes the cat very flexible and can easily fit in very tiny places.
• A cat’s tongue is usually lined with papillae which makes it very scratchy. Papillae are elevated backward hooks which are very tiny and they usually help in holding a cat’s prey in place.
• Cats tend to have a good memory compared to dogs.

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