The Adoption Process

Bringing a cute kitten or cat into your household is a wonderful experience. Cats are often attributed in helping a household to become closer, improving the health and life span of both human and cat, and can be a wonderful companion to you. The love you get from a cat is unlike any other.

When thinking about getting a cat we think of what it would be like to have the cat in your home, where the litter box is going to go, how to keep the cat out of unwanted areas. But we also need to think about the adoption process. Where are you able to look for the new member of your family? What costs are involved? What is the health and personality of the cat?

Finding a shelter or adoption organization, for many, is an important factor. Many take into account the practices of the business, their affiliations, how they give back to the animal community. If these are important to you, find one that aligns with your beliefs.

When looking for a cat, make sure that the cat will be a good fit in your home. Is the cat hyper and playful or is it more of a laid back cat. Do you have smaller kids that could anger the cat? Proper education for kids on how to handle their new pet will save a lot of hassle and frustrations down the road.

Make sure that the cat is up-to-date on all of its shots, is spayed or neutered, and maybe even if it is microchipped to make sure that if your cat is ever lost it can be identified as yours. Keeping multiple aspects of pet ownership in mind when looking for a cuddly cat will help you to make informed decisions and ensure a good fit for the cat into your home.


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