Top Tips on Feeding Your Cat

One of the main tasks of having a pet of any type is making sure they eat well and healthier and a core component of this is feeding them with the best food. To know what is the best food, it will help to know a little about their nutritional needs and with kitties, what this means is the fact that they are carnivores. But what does this mean for the domestic cat?


First thing to know about carts is that they're very dissimilar to people and their nutritional needs are relatively rigid. Like, they need to eat lots of various meats and protein. If one ate just what a cat needs to consume, we'd all be suffering with heart problems at the age of 20. This is obvious an exemplary situation of how different cats are to people and even to dogs. The latter point is very important because many owners think they can nourish their cats and their dogs the real same but this isn't the case.

In fact, dog food can actually be harmful to carts and over a long period of time, potentially critical. The reason being it doesn't satisfy the nutritional needs of the cat and is filled with carbohydrates, which kitties don't process well through their bodies. Carbohydrates can also lead to obesity and to diabetic issues.


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