Toys to keep you cat happy indoors

Keeping your cats busy while you are away at work or shopping is a crucial task. You would not want your rug scratched nor your curtains for the same reason. For this reason, there are a variety of cat toys in the market. We give you some best toys which you can use to keep your cat busy while you are away. They are: 

Mice- Don't be shocked with the title. We don't mean actual mice but you can go for feathered and noisy mice. Cats have affection towards feather as a result you see most of the mouse toys having feathers. They come in various shapes like Opossums, bird heads and gophers. All these toys contains rattle which is bound to capture your cat's attention.

Interactive Toys: You can try to get some interactive or dangling toys. Cats have it in their nature to chase things especially with feathers or fur. You can tie a feathered toy at the end of a plastic rod or stick and dangle it in front of her. It will intrigue the cat into chasing in the process allowing your cat to practice its natural hunting instinct as it tracks and swipes it. You can find a lot of ready made toys at your local pet store. These toys can help keep you pet healthy.

Scratch Box: Cats as we know love to scratch and dig their claws into things. You can get a scratch box which is made from cardboard. It comes in various sizes and shapes. They come shaped as rectangles, door hangers, loungers and mats. These scratch pads are inexpensive and helps keep the cats claws well-manicured. You may have to just dust the cat nip lightly


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