What Can You Do to Protect Your Cat from Heatstroke?

Although the original cat is said to be a desert animal, these creatures still cannot tolerate too much heat. These pets only release sweat through their foot pads. It's the only way they can ward off excess heat and you can just imagine how easy it is for them to suffer heat stroke in high temperatures.

Heat stroke in cats manifests with restless behavior. They seem not comfortable because they are trying to look for a spot where there is a lower temperature. The cat pants and its feet get sweaty. It will also drool, which is not a usual practice for a cat. The cat performs excessive grooming, which is its way to cool itself. When the cat is already vomiting, stumbling and there is already redness in its tongue and mouth, the pet is already having a hard time dealing with the heat and it is suffering heat stroke.

Immediately take your cat to a veterinary clinic when these symptoms are observed. The veterinarian will place an intravenous line to inject cool fluids into the cat. This will be performed to lower the body temperature and prevent the risk of organ damage.

To prevent cat heat stroke, make sure that the cat always has access to shady areas. Give the pet enough water and never leave it inside a vehicle. Try to keep your cat indoors when the weather is hot.

Keep in mind that excessive stress and exercise can also cause hyperthermia to cats. Always keep an eye on your pet and do the best that you can to keep it away from stressful situations, especially in hot weather.

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