What you should know before bringing a new kitten home

There is nothing better than bringing your new pet to your home, in this case, a kitten. You must know that this is tough for your small pet! Kittens are usually adopted after 6 weeks, but it is too soon! At that age they will be stressed because separation from their family. The best time, when you should adopt a kitten, is at 12 weeks of age. At that time, it is more mature and will handle separation much better. In any case you should cuddle your kitten. It will feel loved and it will develop feelings towards you. You already know that spending time with pets while they are young, create a special bond between you two.

Kittens need more nutrients because they grow very fast, so you will need to provide them different food than for your adult cats. You can buy special food at any pet store, rich with proteins, needed for their tissue and muscle development and fat for their health. You should provide them enough vitamins as well. Vitamins are important to the kitten’s fur! You should feed your kitten, with this food, until she is one year old.

You must make your kitten feel comfortable. The best solution for that is to buy her a bed from a pet store. Place it far away from household traffic, so your kitten can have a nice nap. You will have to remove poisonous plants from kittens reach and make sure she cannot reach your drapes or cables from chargers and etc. At that time all kittens are playful, so remove everything that your kitten can swallow, or eat.


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