Why the “Old” Cat Doesn’t like New Cat

When we say old, we don’t think about literally old cats, but the ones you got first. Some of you may have noticed that their first cat isn’t so friendly towards the new one, so what’s the reason for that? Have you ever wondered what is going on?

For those of you who brought a new cat, you have probably seen the reaction of the “old” one, and you think that your cat actually hates her new roommate.
Well when your cat sees a new one, she doesn’t actually hate her or wants to harm her, she is somehow scared.

Of course you always have exceptions where old cat is really kind and friendly, but more often cats will be very unhappy about it.
In case your cat is not so friendly, you will probably experience hissing or some sort of aggressive behavior. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean that your cat is “a bad guy” in this situation, it sometimes means that she is too scared to act differently.

This isn’t anything new. You just have to read a lot about cats who live in wilderness, because if you do you will realize that the situation is completely the same out there.
They either live in a group where they know everyone, or they live alone, so in case they meet someone new, they usually see him as an intruder.
Sometimes other cats tend to kill kittens, so that’s why when they see someone new they think that that cat will try to hurt someone from their group.
When it comes to their behavior they need some time to trust someone they don’t know. So just be patient in case you get a new one.
In time everything will be fine.



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