Adopting Rabbit as a House Pet

Domestic rabbits can turn out to be excellent pets. However, before adding rabbit into your family, it is wise to research thoroughly. This in turn will help you to understand the pros and cons of different pets.  Rabbits are very quiet in nature. This is highly beneficial compared to a barking dog. Moreover, these pets are inexpensive not only to buy, but also to keep and maintain. Rabbits eat hay and pellets and these are readily available in the market.

Moreover, rabbits are not aggressive, due to which they hardly bite. They are indeed cuddly and sweet. Apart from that, they are also affectionate and adorable. Every rabbit has individual personality which is quite similar to a pet dog or a cat. While some are shy and reserved, others are outgoing and gregarious. The charm of a rabbit as a pet is indeed hard to resist. They are often box trained and they can easily get along with other species of pets. 

However, make sure that you are thoroughly prepared for the responsibility that comes with adopting rabbit as a pet. The teeth of the rabbits are highly destructive. If they do not find anything to chew, they might start chewing important things in your home like papers or furnishing. Therefore, you should be careful in this regard. Moreover, you also need to understand that like dogs and cats, you need to run and play with them. This will keep their moods cheerful, and healthy.   



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