How to train a dog so you can drive him in a car

In order to transport your dog somewhere, you will have to use a car. However, dogs are afraid of cars and motorized vehicles. This means that they will refuse to go inside a car. But, you can train him. If you want to train an older dog, you will need a lot of time and in many cases it is impossible. On the other side, if you have a puppy, you don’t need to train him. If you drive him often in a car, he will get used to it.

The main concern is how to train a young dog. They are full with energy and they will find interesting ways to refuse getting into a car. The first thing you will have to do isn’t carrying him and place him into a car. If you do this, he will be even more afraid so there is no chance that he will get used to driving in a car.

Start playing with him near your car. This will relax your dog and he will realize that a car isn’t something dangerous. Then, give him treats (not too many) near a car and start giving them inside a car. When he starts entering into your car, you are done. At the beginning, you will have to talk a lot and lift him into a car. While he is inside, talk to him and play. This will relax him even more. Soon, your dog will love driving in a car. You can drive him just for fun. However, you should be careful when the weather is very warm. 



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