Is your cat happy?

Although we like our furry friends-cats, they are not expressive as dogs, so we can never be sure if they are really happy.
We know that you can please them by feeding them, playing with them and of course cuddle with them, but still they will rarely show you the same amount of happiness and joy like other furry friends- dogs. 

Since we are their parent, friend, brother/sister, of course we want to do everything we can to make them happy.
So if you want to know the answer, we will give you some signs that your cat will probably show just to let you know that everything is alright.
When it comes to their “vocals” you have cats who like to talk to you and the quiet ones. Higher-pitch sounds mean that your cat is really satisfied and that there is nothing to worry about.
On the other hand lower pitched sound means that she is not so happy or is trying to show that she is little bit frustrated.
Then we have that famous purr which in most cases means that your cat is content and very happy.

Still pay attention, because sometimes that purr means that she is in pain or might even scared, but luckily in most cases it is a positive sign.
We all love when our cat blinks at us, because it means that she is happy and some experts think that in that way your cat is sending you a kiss.
When it comes to grooming even though sometimes it may seem like your cat is doing that all the time, that’s a good sign.
Happy cat always likes to take care of herself, while poor grooming is probably a sign of unhappiness.




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