The benefits of pet ownership for kids

Dogs and other animals have several benefits for your kid. They are linked to help with poor immune function, allergies and depression. Pets can also help to healthy children. They can help them in preventing allergies, becoming social outcasts and increasing weight. If you are a parent, these are more reasons why you need a pet. Also, kids with pets, respect their parents more. 

There are several studies that proved this claim. According to a study, conducted in Sweden, found that pet exposure (during the first year) is responsible for lower risk of asthma and allergic rhinitis in children age 7-13. Another study that included 11.000 people from: Australia, Germany and China, found that pet owners have 20% less visit to a doctor per year. A study in England and Scotland, found that children with pet (age 5-11) have less sick days. This study included 256 children. Cats also can be responsible for several benefits. According to a study that included 100 children, younger than age 13, 80% of them have better relationships with their friends and family.

Pets can also reduce our stress. When we are under stress, our brain is producing certain hormones that eventually cause inflammation in our cells. Spending time with your pet, can relax you. This means that you will be under less stress. Hearing your pet breathe and looking at his eyes, is relaxing and you will feel more comfortable.  
If you have a kid at home, and you are afraid of exposing him to a pet, there is no reason for concern. Several studies found that pets can make the immune system stronger. 



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