Best Five Dog Breeds Exclusively For Apartments

Living in an apartment without a big space doesn’t mean losing out on a canine companion. Here are the top known breeds of dogs that adapt well to flats, apartments and small places.

If you are looking for the ultimate lap dog, Chihuahua is the just the little guy you needed. Adapting to the tiniest of spaces, these miniature dogs work wonders for their pet parents. On the flip side, their bark can scare your apartment neighbors, and Chihuahuas aren’t best friends with kids.

With kids at home, you need a pug that can forever smile through the wrinkly face and puffy small body. They can stay in apartments well, but this is not a breed for heated climates. Grooming is an aspect you want to focus with a pug.

One of the oldest dog breeds, Maltese is the ultimate dog breed you want for the flat. Maltese need training early and are known to have dental problems. While these small canines are good with adults, you will need to supervise young children with a Maltese around.

French bulldog
Easily among the best apartment dogs out there, French Bulldogs are great family pets. You can have one around the space all the time but training is essential. They can have health issues, so make sure you have a vet number at hand after your dog has reached the senior stage.

English bulldog
While the English bulldog is great for apartments, you will need a strong say in the training. These gentle pets are known to be stubborn and require plenty of attention. For families with kids, English bulldog can be just apt!

Have you picked your apartment friend as yet?


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