K-9 dogs are known for their great skills in assisting police in fighting crimes. Their work is becoming more and more interesting with the new gargets which have been specially designed so as to ensure that we communicate with dogs much easier.

The new devices, which will be fitted on the neck of dogs, will enable humans to know exactly what the dogs are thinking thus improving the communication between man and his best friend.

Another gadget has also been designed so as to make it possible for dogs to make 911 calls whenever someone is in danger, Instead of just barking – which many believe is a way of the dog to call for help. This will not only be applying to the k-9 dogs but also other dogs at home.

There is also a push to see that dogs are given bullet proof vest. According to Watson, the national secretary of the North American police work dog Association (NAPWDA, “Protecting canine’s members of your department with bullet resistant vests makes sense.”

Another important development is a remote- activated camera system for canines to wear in search and rescue situations presently in development with Sandia National laboratories and National Institutes of Justice.

Jim Slater, a police constable in Winnipeg, Canada, police department and president of K-9 storm, a Canadian manufacturer of bullet- resistant vest for police canines’ states that dogs should be allowed to be given bullet proof vest as well as activated camera system as this will help in achieving a lot in the field. Slater also suggests that GPS are to be installed in the dogs so as to help in tracking; the police can track the location of the dog and find evidence.


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