How To Choose Your Pet- A Cat Or A Dog?

Having a pet can be a splendid experience, where you share your freedom with an animal that cares for you. Both dogs and cats remain the top choices for a pet, and these guidelines should help you in making a choice.

Understand the characteristics
Keeping the breed side, cats are usually more independent and love to have their space. You can train them for the litter box, and that’s all you need to worry while going to work. Dogs need more time and consideration, because you need to take them out for walks, ensure food timings and give them company. A cat can still do good alone, but dogs like their masters around.

Don’t go by the myths
There is nothing called ‘dog person’ or ‘cat person’, as most of it depends on how you have been introduced to animals. As a house pet, a cat is as much fun as a dog and it’s on your comfort and liking on which pet you should have. Also, if you have been told that adult cats and dogs are tough, think again because adoption is always a superior substitute to buying.

Keeping both
If you are a first-time pet owner, getting the cat and dog can mean a lot of work and time. However, rest assured that cats and dogs stay in peace rather effortlessly, so you can safely leave them alone and rush to work. Many pet owners consider having company for their pet, and quite obviously, double adoption is a good idea.

Next weekend, make time for the shelter to find your canine or feline friend.


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