If you want to have a pet, cat or dog is the perfect animal for you. But, if you are allergic to them or you don’t like them, you can have a parrot. Yes, you cannot do the same things as with a dog, but there are many interesting things you can do with them. The good side of a parrots is you don’t have to clean after them! People who have dogs and cats in their apartment, must clean every day in order to remove hair from their couches! Parrots are in their cage and all you need to do is to give them food and water. It will sing every morning, so you will have an impression that you are in the wild.

Maybe the most interesting thing about parrot is its ability to talk. They don’t understand the meaning of words they say, but it sounds fun. If you want to train your parrot to talk you must know a thing or two. Small breeds of parrot cannot learn to talk, so you will need a big and colorful parrot. It is a slow process, so you will need a lot of time and patience. The first thing you must do is to make a safe place for your parrot. Close all windows and turn on the lights. Talk gently to your pet. Reward it with fruit or vegetables when it says something correctly. Repeat words every day. You can give it a banana and say to him ‘’banana’’. You can use this trick for any word you want to learn your parrot. If you and your family communicate a lot, it will help your parrot to start talking much faster.


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