Pet bathing

During the summer, your pet has two serious problems. It is too hot for him, so he must cool down, somehow, and he is changing his fur. These are problems that can be solved in a very easy way.  Every pet owner should bath his dog or a cat every day. With this, you will remove excess hair and you will cool down your pet. If your pet is very young, he doesn’t like water, especially cats, so you must teach him that bathing isn’t bad. 

Use wet towel several times. By doing this, your pet will get used to wet things and water. Only when you are sure that he is ready, put him in a bathtub. Don’t use your shampoo. There are many pet shampoos on the market that are specially designed for cats and dogs. They are affordable and they smell nice. Keep an eye on your pet and do not allow him to drink that water.
There are several creams and shampoos on the market that should make the fur on your pet stronger and better. Beside your pet will smell better, you will have less work cleaning in the house. 

When you are done with bathing your pet, use a dry towel to dry him as much as possible. If you live in an apartment, make sure that his feet are completely dry. You can even use a blow dryer to dry his fur. If you live in a house, and your pet can go outside, you must use a blow dryer. Many dogs will go outside and lay in a dirt, so your work will be ruined. 


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