Pet food myths

When your pet is in question, you want to provide him the best food and the best conditions. Because all animals like to eat, food is probably the most important topics. Many pet owners have some unique ideas about pet food. What is good and what isn’t. If you want to be a good pet owner, you should know about some myths.

The common myth is that commercial pet food isn’t healthy and the much better alternative is to make your own food for your pet. According to the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association), you shouldn’t prepare meals for your pet. They require a lot of nutrients in certain amounts. When you are making the meal yourself, you cannot provide everything that your pet needs. So, commercial pet food is the only option. AVMA also announced that the commercial pet food it thoroughly tested and there are no reasons for concern.

Organic food and natural food are the same. Wrong. Organic food is a subgroup of natural food. This means that all organic food is natural, but not all natural food is organic. Organic food must pass certain criteria’s and comply with the standards determined by the National Organic Program of the United States Department of Agriculture.

Some pet owners say that it is fine to get drunk your dog. When an animal ingests too much alcohol, it can lead to depression, vomiting, coma and even death. There is no reason to give alcohol to your pet. When you are buying a food for your cat, you like to see ‘’Cat food with tuna’’. This doesn’t mean it contains 90% of tune. In fact, this type of food can contain only 3% of tuna!



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