Pets as a rehabilitation

A lot of people who have pets, doesn't matter if it's a cat, dog, rabbit or anything else, will tell you that they have changed their lives.
Many of them are treating their furry friends as kids or family in general. But did you know that some studies say that they are affecting us like a remedy, or some sort of rehabilitation.

For example, dog owners are spending their time outside more, cause they need to take their dogs for a walk, and that makes them less stressful.
Also what is important is that when you are around them, you often forget about your worries and problems.
Some scientists are claiming that having a pet will positively affect on your heart, especially if you are having heart problems.
They will not heal you, but it will make you feel better and they will also affect the reduction in heart rate and will lower your blood pressure.

Some tests were performed on brokers, who are usually very stressed, because of their job.
Forty-eight brokers were tested, the ones who are exposed to stress mostly, and they were divided into two groups, the ones who took some animals as a pet, and the ones who didn't.

Six months later, when they were tested again, those who took pets were less stressful than six months ago, unlike the ones who didn't take them.
Definitely the point is not only to take pets only to reduce stress, but to have someone who will be big part of your life, and the one to whom you will be devoted.


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