Rabbit as a pet

Rabbits are cute, little animals, and it is not so rare to see them as house pets. Getting one can be really fun and entertaining. But before you do so, you need to know some things.

They are not like cats, and especially dogs ( who are in most cases really adaptable ). Rabbits need time to adjust to their new home.

Your job is to make sure they feel safe and cozy, and if you manage to do it, you will see a big change in their behavior.

If you have a garden, you are probably thinking whether he will live outside or inside, but you need to know few facts about both of these options.

If you leave your rabbit outside, be prepared to invest more of your time to socialize with him, because if he's outside he will not be able to get to know you well, and might be scared of you.

So if you decide to leave him outside, commit to spending time socializing it every day. On the other hand, if you want to keep him inside of your house, you need to rabbit proof your house.

They love to chew anything, even your furniture. Also, you need to litter box train it like you would do it with your cat for example.

Besides playing and cuddling with your furry baby, grooming your rabbit is also some kind of bonding. So use a soft brush and groom it.

When it comes to their food, you need to ask the previous owner what the rabbit ate. When you find out, do not change the food, simply give him what the owner recommended you.

You can give them carrots, broccoli, cucumber, etc, but never the same thing two days in a row.


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