Right food for your cat

If you are a cat owner, you want to provide only the best for your pet. You already know that cats like to sleep, play and eat, so, these are the most important things you can provide for your pet. Food is essential, especially a balanced and healthy diet. Giving the right amount of food to your cat is also important. Obesity is a common problem for many cats. Because all of them are carnivores, they can find certain nutrients only in meat. The best thing you can do is to buy cat food. It is healthy, delicious and it will provide everything that your cat need. It is better to buy smaller packages of cat food. They are enough for just one meal, so your cat cannot overeat and you don’t need to throw away the rest of that food. When you are deciding, how much you will feed your cat, you must take into account, cats: weight, shape, age and veterinary advice.

Kittens begin to eat solid food 3 weeks after they are born. At first, you should give them small meals. But, they should eat often. This means you should provide them 4-5 small meals per day. Only after two months, you can give them two meals. Depending on your cat, this may be the right amount of food through cat’s adult life. You also can feed your pet according to his life stage. For example, kittens need more calories, because they burn a lot of them every day. Many cat food brands are making food for different life stages. Equally important is water. All cats require constant access to water. It must be fresh, clean and in clean bowl.


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