Sharing your bed with your pet

Many pet owners share their bed with their pet. According to a study, conducted by the American Pet Products Manufacturers Association, 42% of people in the United States, share their bed with their dogs. There are many reasons why people do this. According to experts, if you are in bad relationships, or single, sharing a bed with your dog can give you an extra security. Also, children that are afraid of the dark, can sleep much better when they share their bed with a dog. Dogs are responsible for better safety against intruders as well.

Some experts say that sharing your bed with your dog isn’t a good choice. Dogs will stop treating you as the leader of a pack. However, many veterinarians and dog trainers disagree with this claim. If your dog already knows that you are the leader of a pack, there is no reason why he will start thinking otherwise. But, the biggest problem is hygiene.  If your dog isn’t housetrained, there is a concern for potential messes. Also, some diseases can pass from a pet to a person. If your pet is changing his hair or you find a lot of hair in your bed, it isn’t recommended to share your bed with him.

In any case, your dog must be prepared to stay on the floor, at least 10 minutes after you go to bed. Only when you invite him, he should come to bed. If he is jumping into bed before you, maybe his place is on the floor. But, teaching your dog that he must stay on the floor is a serious task that requires a lot of time. 


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