Turtles can be ideal pets for working person

House pets should be small and easy to take care of. Many of us find small pets cuter too. These pets can be carried anywhere and also you can clean them in less time. The turtles are without doubt most preferred house pets. The calm nature of this creature attracts adults and children as well. Though many people keep turtles in the dry glass box, these creatures also need some contact with water to stay cool. Same as dogs and cats, the turtles are known to develop strong personality with distinctive moods. You can find some turtles who love to be around people. They even like to play and roam around whenever they get attention. 

Many pet owners have observed that their turtles tend to be introvert. They often hide and shy from new people but remain enthusiastic around the owner. Though turtles are small, taking care of them is not as easy as it looks like. If you ignore their movement for longer period, they might be lost under some fence or even sink in the deep water. Constant supervision or isolated environment is must for any pet turtle. As I mentioned earlier, the turtle needs water contact along with dry habitat. Around 30 to 50 gallon aquarium should work for average sized turtle. 

Ultraviolet lamp light for good 12 hours will keep your turtle healthy. Make sure that you expose the pet to dry area and swimming for equal amount of time. If the habitat is perfectly designed, a turtle would be an ideal pet for person who is not home for long hours. 




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