What you should know before you get a pet rodent

How many times you go into a pet store and you look at those a small pet rodent? How many times you wanted to bring one home with you. A good side is that they are very cheap, so you won’t have problems getting a pet rodent. But they require a lot of care and you must pay a lot of attention on their health. Also, the additional cost for them are high. Luckily, there are several tips that should help you. They are:

•    You must know that some pet rodent don’t like company, like mice and pet hamsters. So, you can keep only one of them. On the other side, guinea pigs and gerbils like company. Even same-sex pairs are ok. Because of this, you should have at least two of them. They are much happier when they have company.
•    Hamsters, gerbils and mice are small, but rats and guinea pigs are larger, so they need more space. 
•    All pet rodents require daily attention. They must play outside of a cage. Guinea pigs require even more attention, because of their long fur. If you want to keep this pet, you will have to groom him regularly. 
•    Rats and hamsters are nocturnal animals. This mean, they will play while you sleep. If you cannot handle noises and sounds while you sleep, don’t keep them in your room or don’t choose these pet rodents. On the other side, guinea pigs and gerbils like to play during the day. So you won’t have this problem.
•    You must know that hamsters and mice like to bite, so be careful. Guinea pigs and gerbils like human and they don’t bite.


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