Why do dogs steal our stuff ?

Dogs adore to steal our things, because they want to play with them, or to hide them.And it is cute in the beginning, but if it becomes too often, maybe it is time to change something.

Some studies say that the reason for doing that is a sign for the potential problems.
Dogs are taking our stuff as we said because they want to play with them, or maybe because they feel neglected, and they want our attention.

If you are looking at him, he will feel the desire to play, so that's why he will take something in front of you, in order to get your attention.
They often take socks, kids toys, shoes, etc.What you should do if he continues doing that ?
Well the most important thing is to teach him what's his or isn't. Buy or simply pick some toys for him, and try to teach him that he can only play with them.

What is also very important to say is that you should remove ( or put somewhere where he won't be able to find them ) your laundry, toys, etc to be out of his reach.
If he keeps doing that, that could be three reasons : he is either really disobedient, and in that case you should seek for professional help, or he maybe isn't happy with something, and he is trying to tell you that, or he sees everything as something funny, so he thinks you are playing with him, when you are trying to find out where he hid your stuff.
Whatever it may be, you can resolve it.

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